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The Star Tree is a mythological tree found commonly in only one song amongst all clans on Pandora. The song in question goes under many names with many different spins on the story itself. As for the story, it is frequently used in the debate surrounding the origins of the Na'vi greeting.

Taw'rina is the Omaticaya name for the Star Tree; roughly translating as "Sky Seed"

Alimatan is the Tipani name for the Star Tree; roughly translating as "Distant Light"

Rey'kìngutral is the Eastern Sea Clan for the Star Tree; roughly translating as "Life-thread Tree"

Due to the reclusive nature of the Na'vi, they have forbidden any humans from listening to the song, only Jake Sully, the clan leader of the Omaticaya had listened to the song itself. Information surrounding the tree is sparse with many confusing iterations between the Omaticaya and the Tipani, but the basic elements of the myth is that the tree is a massive shelter that could hold the capacity of two large clans. The nature of the tree is supported by the idea that it is a genesis tree; from which the Na'vi have grown to become more peaceful and more connected to the enviroment.

Scientists have believed that the Na'vi never sought shelter in the trees that they utilize today, until as the song points out, the Star Tree came along and the Na'vi began using it. Despite the mythological nature of the tree, scientist do agree that the Na'vi began using trees as their homes quite recently rather than having began when the Na'vi's intelligence allowed them to use tools.

The description of the tree is rather vauge, with only small information given from the song. One description has described the tree as a beautiful construction of nature while another is that it was one of the most massive and largest of the trees native of Pandora. Some scientist believed it could have been a Mountain Tree.


There are several theories that have been attached to the idea as to why all Na'vi clans sing a song about the Star Tree. One, it is believed to be a in comparison to the Earth mythologies of the Tree of Life, an origin tree that is a common descent of both civilizations and evolutionary contribution to humanity. Here are several comprised theories.

Genesis Tree[]

The most common theory is that it is a genesis tree from which all Na'vi began using large trees as homes. Despite the lack of physical evidence, scientists agreed that the Star Tree was the springboard song or story that alludes the origins of where and how to come upon a tree for nomadic Na'vi tribes to use.

Another reason for the genesis tree is that it could also relate to where the tribes came upon their own trees, thus the song of different stories is created.


The Star Tree is also most related to where the birth of religion amongst Na'vi originated from. The idea and concept of Eywa is strongly compared to the Star Tree, with many verses alluding to shelter, to food, and to resources that were used wisely by the clan that united under the tree. It also marks the end of what was considered an era of barbarinism of the Na'vi prior to their evolutionary state in creating tribes and clans to survive the environment.

Brain of Pandora[]

With the discovery of the neural network that is found all over of Pandora, the Star Tree can also be related as the brain of Pandora. The idea that all conscious of flora and how fauna reacts when danger impedes on environments heavily comprised of the neural network.

Existence of The Star Tree[]

Despite what is known from songs about the Star Tree, the RDA has yet to find the mythological tree described in the songs. Yet, this could be associated with the fact that there is very little description on what the tree looks like. It could also be that humans cannot relate to what kind of tree it would be or what they could possibly be searching for.

In the end, very little personnel at Hell's Gate believes in the existence of the Star Tree. Though it is reported that few drivers do in fact believe in the Star Tree, with one being Jake Sully.