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Sturmbeest Hunt

The Sturmbeest (Na'vi name: Talioang) is one of the main sources of animal products for the Na'vi. As such, sturmbeest are a primary organizing force in clan culture. A number of different clans extol the virtues of the animal in textiles, music, song, dance, and art. Sturmbeest are herd animals. They are extremely social and highly protective of their young. They are also territorial and

will mass for attack against any would-be predator. When the predator is too large or in too many numbers, they will stampede, often breaking off into smaller packs for evasion. (A sturmbeest stampede has been described by one RDA mine worker as being "as loud as a Valkyrie liftoff.")

The colorations on the body is lighter blue on top fading into darker purples and blacks toward the bottom. The male is usually about fifteen percent larger than the female, and has a bigger ridge bone on its back. The male also has a dramatic top horn that is used for defense and in mating contests against other bulls.

Their brain mass to body weight ratio is low, and the creatures are slow to react and slow to stop reacting. The young, old and lame are prey only to the largest or fiercest predators, such as viperwolf packs, the thanator and occasionally a large leonopteryx. They have poor long dstance vision, but their sense of hearing is very acute as is their sense of smell. They have been observed being startled by a predator more then 3 kilometers away.

Relationship with the Na'vi[]

The Sturmbeest is an integral part of Na'vi culture and way of life as they provide meat, bone, and hide for the Clans' use.

The Sturmbeast hunt is a yearly celibration where once a year the Na'vi will go out and hunt a herd of sturmbeest that will supply them with food for the rest of the year. The hunt is a major festival in Na'vi culture and striking a Sturmbeast from the back of an Ikran is a very hard thing to do, anyone whom does this is considered an expert hunter. When the sun goes down, and the hunt is over, the Na'vi gather around a fire, sing and dance to "Hunt Songs".

Teriran ayoe ayngane                      (We are walking your way)

Zera'u                                            (We are coming)

Rerol ayoe ayngane                        (We are singing your way)

Ha fxtey                                         (So choose)

Awpot set ftxey ayngal a l(u)            (Choose one among you)

ayngakip Awpot a Na'viruyomtiying.  (Who will feed the people)

Oeyä swizaw ningay tivakuk            (Let my arrow strike true)

Oeyä tukrul txe'lanit tivakuk             (Let my spear strike the heart)

Oeri tingayil txe'lanit tivakuk            (Let the truth strike my heart)

Oeyä txe'lan livu ngay.                    (Let my heart be true)

Lu nga win si txur                          (You are fast and strong)

Lu nga txantslusam                       (You are wise)

Livu win si txur oe zene                 (I must be fast and strong)

Ha n(i)'aw                                     (So only)

Pxan livu txo ni'aw                        (Only if I am worthy of you)

Tsakrr nga Na'viru yomtiying          (Will you feed the people)

These songs are used a a rite of passage to the Sturmbeast, and other animals killed in the hunt for food, as they can't stop during the hunt and pray individually for each Sturmbeast.