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TAV-40 Interceptor Disir Class
Name TAV-40 Interceptor Disir Class
Origin Earth
Designer Resources Development Administration
Manufacturer Consortium of Aerospace Contractors
Weight 45,950 lbs
Length 25.01 m
Width 18.56 m (tip-to-tip of wings)
Height 14.5 m (tip of the VTOL engines)
Crew 2 Pilots, 10 Passengers
Weapons Lotus Aerial Weapon Systems, 8× FF LAU Rocket Pods, 3× Onboard MBS-9M .50 Caliber Hydras
Max Speed Mach 4.5
Equipment 15× Evasion Flares, Intrepid Cutter Mark IV electronic jammer
Propulsion System 2× VTOL Plasma Jets, 1× Fusion Engine (high-ceiling atmospheric flight)
Cargo None

The Disir Interceptor is a VTOL vehicle capable only of atmospheric flights, thus is a means of only traversing within planets and moons with a viable atmosphere. The Disir is nicknamed the Sparrow for it's high speed and agility to cover much ground in comparison to the Samson's. Unlike the Samson, it is not regarded as being a small discrete aircraft capable of landing and leaving cramped environments such as a forest or a jungle. However, as is the name implies, the Disir was designed primarily for one role: Hunting.

Designed and manufactured on Earth, the Disir's primarily role came about as a necessity more than a want. The RDA felt they needed a vehicle whose role and capability outmatch their more modern (at the time) aircrafts such as the Samson and even the Scorpion but was not overtly huge and powerful like the Dragon. The main designer of the Valkyrie created a more 'minature' -- as he said -- version of the Valkyrie that would serve as a middle ground for the Valkyrie, Dragon and Samson and Scorpion.