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TERRA I is an automatic assault rifle from the CARB series of firearms.designed by the RDA and produced under Matanza Arms licensing., theTERRA I is a simplified version of the GS-221. The weapon is a standard


issue rifle along with the GS-221 in the Sec-Ops on Pandora

Full name: TERRA I
Type: Assault rifle
Place of origin: ESC-01 'Hell's Gate' Pandora
Produced by: Resources Development Administration under Matanza Arms license
Calibre most likely 5.56 x 45 mm, or 2.23 mm Remington
Length 75 mm (original CARB), but not known exactly for the TERRA I
Weight Unknown

Design & appearance[]

The TERRA I is a selective-fire, automatic assault rifle. The RDA was impressed with the Matanza Arms GS-221 after adopting it as their service rifle, however, they needed a cheaper alternative, that could be produced localy on Pandora for their soldiers, since the RDA was at war with the local Tipani tribe, they needed something fast, that would be cheap in production, simple and easy to use, and reliable. in 2132 the Resources Development Administration applied for a license, and In 2133 the production started. The TERRA I had several improvements over the original design. The weapon was cheaper and faster to produce  since the RDA used cheaper materials (hence the crude look) however, the rifle was still very reliable and durable it was lighter weight as well. they also addad a 4-round burst firing mode.  They made these in 5.56/.223 caliber, however, due to the radical change of the size of the round the magazine copacity lowered from 80 to 50 rounds.  The rate of fire however is the same  as the

TERRA I Assault Rifle

The TERRA I with a underslung 20mm launcher

GS-221's 600 RPM

Just like it's predicessor, the TERRA I can be equiped with a veriaty of attachments, such as a optic sight, underberrel foregrip, tactical light, laser pointer a suond suppressor or a underslung 20mm launcher . The TERRA I is fully ambidextrus with the ejection port on both sides, that allows for the dust cover on one side to be open while on the other closed to provent spitting out empty cases into the shooter's face.