"I think I should take that armband from you, it's starting to get to your head!"
―Ta'zi teasing Ninat
Ta'zi te Tuzria Rulawitan
Biographical Information
Name: Ta'zi te Tuzria Rulawitan
Birth Clan: Omaticaya
Family Members:
  • Ninat (Mate)
  • Ki'yitìreku (Mother)†
  • Rulaw (Father)
  • Nyiaka (Sister)
  • Kausiwa (Mother-in-Law)
  • T'ngal (Father-in-Law)†
  • Ali'imalu (Brother-in-Law)†
Physical Description
Species: Na'vi
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Title(s): Warrior
  • Na'vi
    • Omaticaya

Ta'zi is a warrior of the Omaticaya who had fought during the Battle of Pandora and took part in the Siege of Hell's Gate. A young Na'vi male, Ta'zi had grown up amongst family prior the events surrounding the fall of the Omaticaya Hometree.

After having lost his mother in the assault on the Omaticaya Hometree, Ta'zi grew with rage against the Human's who he viewed as the source of the Na'vi's problems. Taking part in the defense of the Tree of Souls, Ta'zi had suffered great loss with many of his friends dying during the assault. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Ta'zi had gradually became a introverted Na'vi who rarely spoke with anyone amongst his clan members.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Having grown up on the lands of his forefathers, Ta'zi was accustomed to the ideaology that being a warrior would bring forth the full circle that his father and his father before him have became within the Omaticaya clan. So few were even called for being a warrior of the clan, others mistakenly believed that their calling to be a warrior was nothing more than a lucid dream that shattered when trying to attempt to climb the Iknimaya; a dangerous feat that not many Na'vi can do or finish.

Ta'zi and a handful of others had completed the Iknimaya before the time of the destruction of their Hometree. When he had completed his training, Ta'zi never expected that he would soon be fighting for his life as well for his clan when the humans tried to push their agenda with mining for unobtanium right where their very cultural identity rested upon.

Ta'zi at the end of the Battle of Pandora.

His mother died while trying to save her daughter when the Omaticaya Hometree was destroyed. His sister survived, but their mother was lost. Together with their father, the Omaticaya had left for the Tree of Souls now as refugee's.

A burning hole was all that was left within Ta'zi who now lusted for blood. In the upcoming battle that followed, Ta'zi could not bare to follow another tawtute who pretended to be one of them; but seeing the bravery of this tawtute with the strangest of names - he could see that not every tawtute were the same. Yet it could not stop the revenge-fueled rage that Ta'zi collectively focused on during the battle. Killing as many as he could.

After the battle, Ta'zi turned to help rebuilding and repairing the lives that were forever changed by these humans. For several years Ta'zi was unsure of himself. Especially in the time of the Malborne Crisis that nearly killed claimed his sisters life. The RDA allowed themselves to re-open old - yet - fresh wounds that carved another within Ta'zi's heart.

In the times that followed shortly after the crisis, Ta'zi tuned out that of the humans, believing them to be more of a problem than even the disease itself. But war felt inveitable so long as the humans were around. Despite his Olo'eyktan being - once - human, he does harbor a great deal of respect for Jakesully.

A Soul Lost[edit | edit source]

After the Great Sorrow, Ta'zi could see the horror that the Sky People had brought down upon the People of the Omaticaya. His dreams filled with nightmares of blood and guts, scattered across the green lands of the world they existed in. For month's and years, Ta'zi struggled to cope with these images of his friends, clansmate and fellow Na'vi, mangled in a mess.

There were no words to describe the horrific nature that he witnessed, but he was not sure if he was the only one who felt this way. Refusing to tell anyone, Ta'zi kept the darkness trapped inside of him. His sister - Nyiaka - noticed the changes that took over him, changing her brother into a different being, a different person.

Their father also saw this and feared that his soul was torn apart by the cratering wound that the Humans delivered. Sensing this, he asked his son to seek out counseling from Tsahik Mo'at. Ta'zi remained a shell, barely mentioning of anything that truly bothered him. Mo'at could see that this warrior was disturbed but did not further push herself to see what really crawled in his mind. Knowing that when it was time, he would tell her.

From then on, Ta'zi became a bitter and isolated individual. The once happy and cheerful brother to Nyiaka and son to Rulaw slowly enclosed himself into a shell. An introvert, Ta'zi did not participate in any of the Na'vi celebrations, choosing solitude as his form of enjoyement.

Malborne Syndrome Crisis[edit | edit source]

For the Omaticaya, it was a shock to everyone when the new arrival of Human's came from the sky once again. This time in droves to an extent that worried many within the clan. Seeing this, Jake set out to make a peace agreement with the Human's.

When the agreement was settled, the Omaticaya returned to their daily lives, unhindered by the thought of the Sky People threatening their livelyhood.

For Ta'zi, this was a different story. Having suffered much great lost to him and his family, the warrior seeded a great resentment towards these aliens.

When the RDA began a secret war with the Insurgency, the Na'vi were pulled into the conflict, hoping to quell it at the bud before it grew out of control. Ta'zi was the first to lead a scouting party to find the raiding parties of the RDA. At one point, he encountered them at a ride along the edges of the Omaticaya Territory.

With anger and rage rising within him, Ta'zi knew he would kill them had it not before for his fellow clansmate's that interceded and forced the raiding party to return unharmed.

When the disease began to infect many of his People, Ta'zi knew that the only origin of this disease would have come from the Sky People. When a clan meeting took place during the early season of the year, Ta'zi called for war against the Sky People, explaining to his fellow clansmate about how they were the one's to attack first in every aspect of their objectives.

He rallied for war but was immediately shot down by Jake who refused to go to war.

The RDA however had other plans, the secret war with the Insurgency was only to take the Na'vi's eyes and attention away, knowing fully the Na'vi were not prepared to go into full conflict with the RDA. From there, they began the mining operation under the nose of the Na'vi.

The Siege[edit | edit source]

After a failed negotiation with the Hell's Gate administrator, Jake feels betrayed by the black mail that Gavin Archer gives the People. Jake, feeling he has no choice, decides to go to war against his best wishes.

With the fragile peace between the RDA and the People collapsed, Ta'zi was prepared for battle. He had laid claim of vengeance towards those who had attack the Old Hometree of the Omaticaya, seeking justice when justice had not been finished. Even after the Great Sorrow was won in Na'vi victory, Ta'zi had not felt the same since. Citing that his mother's death was in vain and blood is on the hands of the 'Sawtute'.

The Icarus Contingency[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the events of the Malborne Syndrome Crisis, Ta'zi divorced himself from forming further friendships with much of the Omaticaya, leading many to believe he was drifting slowly away from the clan. In time, his annoyance with humans had wane thanks in part by the presence of Meredith Sharp.

However, it seemed that time of the Sky People would not dissipate when a new problem arose. And Ta'zi was thankful he was not found in the middle of it. Steering away from the problems that now plague the humans, he found refuge and solace amongst his father and sister; gaining wisdom to mature beyond what little was left after the Great Sorrow.

One day in a curious turn of events, Ta'zi was out with Meredith Sharp in helping her gather plants when they had stumbled across Ninat; a talented singer amongst the clan. Ta'zi by this point was already agitated that he was asked to join Meredith on a hunt for plants, citing that his skills did not belong in foraging. Over the course of the day, Ta'zi began to feel that Ninat was not prepared for what he believed was a dangerous environment.

He did not want to become a babysitter.

Seeing this, Ninat stormed off in anger and sadness over what Ta'zi had displayed towards the singer.

Hoping to make amends, Ta'zi was quick to share an apology that was not easy to make for when they soon encountered infected viperwolves.

Personality & Traits[edit | edit source]

Despite being the after thought of any Na'vi warrior who can be brutes themselves when in competition against eachother. Ta'zi enjoys being the more practical - real soul that he is. A curious individual with a sense of adventure. Finding that forest that abounds his People is a place to explore and become lost in its rich atmosphere with beauty and danger becoming the intoxicating features that lure the warrior.

On the other hand, Ta'zi became distraught and has lost connection with the realilty of things that the world he lives in will never become peaceful again. Losing his sa'nu (mother) in the tragic events of the destruction of their Hometree many years before has shoved Ta'zi into the valley of lost and revenge. This deep cut left within him created a more ferocious individual when it comes to dealing with the humans. War and the nature of violence has become second nature to him.

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