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"Polyphemus has begun its elliptical orbit around Cen A (Alpha Centauri A) with Pandora - Polyphemus's moon making its own orbits around its mother planet. The sun has begun to rise amongst the horizon of the forest that abounds Extra-Solar Colony 01 - the lone human colony of Pandora that has been nicknamed Hell's Gate."
RDA Log: June 27th, 2158.

The Icarus Contingency was a directive the RDA had developed during the construction of Hell's Gate, incase the structures of Hell's Gate lost their ability to withstand solar radiation from the system's star. If this was the case, then the current Administrator of RDA Extra-Solar Colony 01 would lock down the forward operating base and cease operations. Their primary focus would then be to mine for unobtanium until they have satisfied reserves to repair the shields to the structures.

The contingency went into effect on June 25th, 2158. Dr. Catherine Harrison ordered that all operations were to cease until matters were looked over. During this time, she also called for both Omaticaya and Tipani clan leaders for a meeting on the possibility of mining again.

Mining was not allowed due to the Pandoran Accords, which prevented the RDA from mining on Pandora.

The First Wave[]

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On June 27th, 2158, the meeting between clans and the Humans began at Hell's Gate. Jake Sully and Amanti had agreed to meet with Dr. Catherine Harrison on the issue concerning them to mine. The meeting lasted for thirty minutes before an alert phase was signaled through-out Hell's Gate, warning everyone of an impending solar flare.

With no other choice but to have everyone in lockdown, Catherine orders RDA personnel to get inside any shielded-protected building. When the flare struck Pandora, it had no effect on any living organisms who were evolved to live off of this highly rich radiation world. However, Hell's Gate was struck with a rather strong flare and suffered damages as a result.

The aftermath of it resulted in Jake Sully agreeing with the mining, on behalf that the Na'vi looked over the humans as they mined. This also meant that Jake would need to talk with his clan and the Tipani in order to get everyone on board with the idea of humans mining again.


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The two neighboring clans of the forest have gathered at the Tipani Hometree to discuss the matters of the humans mining. The topic is rather controversial amongst the Na'vi, who find that the RDA mining again may lead to unpredictable situations. Jake voices an idea for the People that there should be volunteer's in watching the mining as it happens.

A number of Na'vi agree and volunteer in watching the humans while they mine.

The RDA on the other hand are preparing to gather mining equipment to leave for the designated mining site, set by Meredith Sharp.


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With clearing of some of the trees which were not harmed in the process, construction begins on the mining site which is now designated as ESM-02. While the construction goes on for several days, the last day of construction, Dr. Catherine Harrison recieved word that they are behind schedule.

To meet demands, she orders everyone there to remain there during the evening hours. A risky move in order to insure that they meet a deadline set by Meredith Sharp.

However, no one knew of a Thanator living within the area. The female Thanator soon begins her attack spree on the crew below, killing two SecOps soldiers and injurying many others. Later, the RDA successfully runs the Thanator off the area.