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The Siege of Hell's Gate

The Malborne Syndrome Crisis


April 20th, 2158

  • Na'vi Victory
  • End of Gavin Archer's Administration
  • Vaccine spread amongst the Na'vi Tribes
  • End of the Insurgency
  • 2 Na'vi Clans
    • 250 Na'vi Warriors
  • 45 Human Rebels
  • 25 RDA Defectors
  • 170 RDA SecOps Infantry Units
  • 10 AMP's
  • 5 Samson's
  • 4 Scorpion's
  • 70 Na'vi Warriors Killed
  • 90 Na'vi Warriors Wounded
  • 16 Human Rebels Killed
  • 20 Human Rebels Wounded
  • 5 RDA Defectors Killed
  • Alex Roxburgh
  • 78 SecOps Killed
  • 30 SecOps Wounded
  • 5 Samson's Destroyed
  • 4 Scorpion's Destroyed
  • Gavin Archer
  • Gibbons West

The Siege of Hell's Gate was a battle that culminated during the Malborne Syndrome Crisis on April 20th, 2158. The battle took place as the name says - Hell's Gate where the Na'vi took part in a pre-emptive strike to take down the then Hell's Gate Administrator Gavin Archer. The primary reason behind this was that Gavin had held the vaccines to the Malborne Syndrome disease, a disease that was quickly becoming rampant amongst both Na'vi tribes as well as the human colonists.

Prelude To The Siege

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Prior to the siege, Gavin Archer had devised a plan to black mail the Na'vi, in his effort to rebuke the Na'vi from attacking the RDA during their mining operations. Word of such a plan was eventually leaked out to the Na'vi, and to the Omaticaya leader Jake. Jake, fearing this would end the Na'vi as they were currently being stricken by the Malborne disease decided to attack first.

He contact the Tipani clan leader - Amanti - and brought both clans together for a meeting. They hailed that the RDA has become too dangerous for the Na'vi to stand on the side lines any longer.

The plan was simple: Confront the RDA Administrator and request that he released the vaccines to the rest of the neighboring Na'vi populations or risk war. If Gavin refused, the Na'vi would attack.

In the end, Gavin felt the Na'vi were not formidable in attacking and refused to allow the vaccine to be released for the Na'vi as well. The Na'vi began preperations for the siege.


Jake being a Marine of the United States military formulated the plan to completely swarm Hell's Gate, using a tradition siege tactic. This tactic involved to simply surround the compound with as much military force as possible, thawrting any possiblity of the RDA of sneaking through the flanks and attacking from the rear.

This also mean they needed complete control of the air, as SecOps was known for using the Scorpions against land units. Banshee riders were widely used in creating a shell to shield the RDA from using air units. While it would cost much of the needed man power from both clans, it was needed in order to squeeze Hell's Gate into a corner, thus they could keep track on how many SecOps personnel there was.

The idea was to keep the RDA at bay and not allow them to stretch their forces beyond the wires they were kept in. This eliminated their ability to mine and to scout, forcing everyone in one area at once.

The other was to force Gavin to give up the vaccine or else face relentless waves of Na'vi forces who greatly outnumbered the RDA forces 3 to 1.

The Siege Begins