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"I assume you've met Miss Sharp. Ancient Avatar Driver and our local rock expert."
―Theo Garland
Theo Garland
Sunshine - 2 - Chris Evans
Biographical Information
Name: Theo Garland
Born: October 19, 2123
Nationality: United States of America
Family Members:
  • Elizabeth Garland (Mother)
  • Jared Garland (Father)
Physical Description
  • Human
  • Avatar
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • Xenologist
  • Avatar Driver
  • Na'vi
  • Humans
    • RDA (formerly)
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed By: Chris Evans

Theo Garland born (b. October 19, 2123) is a Xenologist of the Avatar Program who also serves as a Avatar Driver within the program. Having arrived to Pandora in 2148, Theo was tasked with aiding several drivers in trying to establish some form of mutual communication between the RDA and the Na'vi.

Early History[]

The Avatar Program[]


Theo during his training within the Avatar Program

Theo Garland was officially accepted by the RDA to join the program based on his educational credentials and background in anthropology. He would spend several years in the science division and arm of the program to learn and comprehend everything that was na'vi, eventually he was designated as a xenologist of the program. He was not yet accepted to be a driver and rather opted to continue his further education within the science division on Earth.

Eventually however as the RDA was seeking new applicants, Theo on the behest of his colleagues sent in his application to become a avatar driver. After months of silence, the program accepted his application and underwent a rigorous sixteen month training before being sent to Pandora to undergo his first tour of duty off-world.

Pandora, circa 2148[]


Theo playing a game of basketball with Geologist Meredith Sharp

Upon arriving in Pandora, he was immediately shifted in position with Dr. Lun as an xenologist scientist who would provide further research on the Na'vi. During the year's on Pandora, Theo had grown accustomed to Dr. Lun's rather sarcastic attitude but as well as his kind and gentle nature of keeping everyone together as a team. Evolving into a more professional relationship with not only Lun himself, but with others on the team. He was later promoted to handle a small team in gathering samples and studying what they have found on the more distant reaches from Hell's Gate.

The Great Sorrow[]

In 2154, the ISV Venture Star arrived, bringing along a slew of reinforcement of mercenaries to Pandora which entailed equipment of a wide variety. Something was in the air and the RDA higher-ups were growing more impatient as time went on. They had a mining operation going on just several miles away from Hell's Gate but nobody was satisfied. Finding a stash of unobtanium under the Omaticaya Hometree, they formulated a plan to excavate the unobtanium while driving out the Na'vi from their home.

This was also the time where Theo was set to return to Earth, but until after everything was settled first. Calculating, it would take many more months before the RDA had the time to mine and collect enough unobtanium to ship out back to Earth. Leaving him room to piece together a large study headed by Grace Augustine.

Though, everything shifted in time.

When it came too, the RDA were prepared for an assault to destroy the Omaticaya's Hometree. This spurred some incentive and worry that attacking the Na'vi would disrupt everything that had built here, including the sparse and weak relationship. Abandoning the project, the program, and everything else would ruin the entire operation of their purpose here. Theo had set out along with other scientists to see if they could reason with Parker.

In the end, it was useless. The hometree was destroyed, and along with Augustine and her own small team were now in the brig.

After their dangerous escape into the twilight of that evening, Theo and several other's feared the RDA would do something more irrational to prevent the Na'vi on placing and obstacle in the mining operation at the ruins of the Omaticaya Hometree.

When the next assault went underway, Theo saw that there was no way for the Na'vi to fight back with just bows and arrows. Including the fact that they had Jake with them. Fearing repercussions of this outcome, especially from the RDA if they won, Theo chose to avoid interfering with the assault, let alone the take over of Hell's Gate by the group of scientists lead by Max.

When it was all over, Theo was chosen to stay behind, guilt had settled in that he could have helped, but the fear of the conesequences were unerving and unwaivering to his more scientific goals. Deciding to join the newly founded rebellion group, he promised himself that he would fight back when the time came.

Several years later, Theo remained reserved and studied the na'vi from afar. Eventually as planned, a new ISV had arrived to Pandora that was later designated as ICS or Interstellar Carrier. What followed would be the Malborne Crisis.

Present Day[]

Several years later, Theo remained reserved and continues to study the na'vi from a relatively safe position.

Personality and Traits[]

"Oh! It's you!"
―Theo Garland feigning ignorance about Meredith Sharp coming into the Avatar Longhouse

Being one of the oldest sibling's in his family would have suggested he would have a sort of god like mentality amongst his younger siblings. Instead he was somewhat a inverted man, focusd more of his time on work rather than the people around him.

He had always enjoyed being around his younger brother, and his other siblings but when he had graduated from high school, he became distant. He never minded making new friends but keeping them around long enough to be considered friends was one of Theo's flaws. In consideration, Theo is regarded as a intelligent man when it came to knowledge on the Na'vi. His extensive knowledge on their culture, history, and their livelihood has gained much attention from Dr. Grace Augustine, the very scientist who was seen as a legend within the Avatar Program community.

When he had arrived to Pandora, this knowledge was quickly put to work even despite the troubling issues that effected both the RDA and the Na'vi.

Typically, Theo is a jokster from time to time; finding it entertaining to make people laugh around him. However most of the time (when time is work related) Theo quickly turns himself off and switches over to being a quiet individual, keeping to himself when seeking out privacy for himself along with his running thoughts.


  • Theo Garland's name is a combination of two individual's name. One fictional and one a real life screenwriter. Theo Faron is a character played by Clive Owen in Children of Men. Alex Garland is a British novelist and screenwriter who has written numerous of films. Including Sunshine in which Theo Garland's character is loosely based off of Chris Evan's Mace.