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Tribal Information


Na'vi Name

Ti'wenkai (Mountain Watchers in Ti'wenkai dialect)


Rough Estimate of 25,000

Ti'wenkai (Na'vi name: Mountain Watchers) are a coalition of nomadic tribes brought together under a single ruling banner of the Mountain Watchers tribe. The origins of the Ti'wenkai are unclear neither are their true motives which has inspired them to roam across Pandora in assimilating tribes to their collective or erasing whole tribes who resist. Currently, the Ti'wenkai reside on islands outside the coastlines of the mainland of Australis. Their contact with the tribes of Australis has been rather minimal, consisting of only scouting parties that watch from a distant or proceed in kidnapping one or two members of oher clans.

Recent Activity[]

In recent months, a spike of attacks have occured near the region in which the Payihä live which is located off the coast of Australis. The Payihä encountered them months prior to the attack that occured on the Omaticayan couple of Ta'zi and Ninat. During a mission to find an antibiotic for the dying Ta'zi, both Theo Garland and Ninat came across the Payihä People whose home exist underwater. There, a sea hunter by the name of Narqriisu shared details about the Ti'wenkai's behavior with his guests.