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  • Research Development and Aeronautics is established in Sacremento, California. CEO Colin Kamen announces soon after that they are contracted by NASA to send their astronauts into space.


  • The San Andreas earthquake of 2020 has left a devestating mark on California. This ultimately forces the company to move to Washington, D.C.


  • The company changes names after merging with Warhem Resources Inc. in 2032. They officially became Resources Development and Administration or RDA for short. New breakthrough in technologies such as nanotech has allowed the RDA to patent many of their products. One of which includes an advance space vessel that can operate without a human pilot, while its voyages to Mars from Earth.



  • Dr. Grace Augustine is born









  • Probes are sent to Pandora.


  • With the recent discovery of Pandora, the RDA wins exclusive mining rights on the celestial object. RDA begins working on the Interstellar Vehicle.


  • The RDA begins recruiting for potential colonists.
  • Dr. Grace Augustine is the first to be recruited for the Scientific Division of Pandora.


  • The Interstellar Vehicle project is completed. The first one of the fleet is the ISV Altair Borealis.


  • Jake Sully and his brother are born on August 24th


  • The probes have arrived to Alpha Centauri, several of which have landed on Polyphemus's moon - Pandora and quickly began gathering data.
  • A race of bipedal blue aliens are quickly known through several of the probes on Pandora. A famous picture is sent back to Earth to which is immediately publicized through-out Earth.



  • The United Nations pressures the RDA to create a program in an effort to tend with possible alien contact. Thus creating the Avatar Program or as it was known during this time as ETC (Extra-Terrestrial Committe of Pandora).
  • ISV Altair Borealis leaves orbit around Earth and heads for Alpha Centauri on a five year trip.




  • ETC's name is officially changed to the Avatar Program. The program centers around the theoritical possiblity of creating a Human-Na'vi Hybrid and the learning of the Na'vi in an effort to bridge relations between both species.
  • ISV Altair Borealis arrives to Pandora.
  • RDA begins construction of Hell's Gate.
  • Dr. Augustine and other's of the program immediately begin work on learning about Pandora and the Na'vi.
  • The Tipani are the first tribe to encounter the Humans.


  • Mining operations begin on the 1st of November.
  • With information gathered from the Tipani, the RDA sends this collected data through the Inter-System Laser Telecommunication to Earth. This data contains NVT (Na'vi Genetics) anatomy and cultural information surrounding the Na'vi.


  • With mining operations under way, the Tipani who finds the mining operation a disgrace to the lands eventually part ways with the RDA.
  • More Biological information on the Na'vi is sent through the Inter-System to Earth.



  • More Na'vi information is sent along the Inter-System.


  • NVT is decoded. Work on first Avatar Prototype is underway.
  • Information sent along the Inter-System finally arrives to Earth.


  • Work on the Na'vi Genetics - the NVT - is underway to decoding it.


  • ISV Altair Borealis sets route to Earth, returning with it the first shipment of unobtanium as well as valuable data on Pandora.
  • The NVT is decoded extensively. Project Avatar begins.
  • Meredith Sharp and Theo Garland join the Avatar Program




  • First Avatar prototype created.



  • 1st Generation Avatar's are created. Genetic blue-prints are sent along the Inter-System to Pandora.



  • 2nd Generation Avatar's are created. Genetic blue-prints are sent along the Inter-System to Pandora.



  • Experimental 3rd Generation Avatar's are created.


  • 3rd Generation Avatar's are sent already created aboard the ISV Roanoke. Theo Garland and Meredith Sharp are also aboard the ISV. This marks the first time that the Avatar's are grown during the travel in an effort to extend the life span of the Avatar.


  • 1st Generation Avatar's are created on Pandora through the use of the blue prints that have arrived.
  • 2nd Generation Avatar's are created on Pandora through the use of the blue prints that have arrived.


  • Theo Garland arrives to Pandora along with Meredith Sharp.



  • Jake Sully arrives to Pandora.
  • The RDA plans to create a mining quarry in the central area of the Omaticaya's Hometree.
  • Jake Sully meets Neytiri - a native of Pandora and is soon spends the next three months training to become One with the People.
  • The RDA destroys the Tree of Voices - forcing the Omaticaya into a difficult position. Either attack the humans or face more of these machines as they wipe out entire sections of their territory.
  • Jake Sully is given an ultimatum. Defend the People or sell them out to his own.
  • A military division of the RDA known as SecOps leads a raid to destroy Hometree - lead by Col. Miles Quaritch. They succeed, the Omaticaya lose their home and dozens of Na'vi are left dead in the wake of the destruction.
  • The Omaticaya seek refuge at the Tree of Souls. Jake Sully is is rebuked by the Omaticaya while the RDA consider him a traitor.
  • Jake and his friends who were imprisoned escape from Hell's Gate, the resulting action leaves Dr. Grace Augustine mortally wounded. Jake takes her to the Na'vi to have her consciousness transferred to her Avatar. It ultimately fails.
  • The RDA plan to invade the Tree of Souls and annihilate it entirely via a airbomb. Jake decides to help the Na'vi, bonds with the Toruk and now becomes the Toruk Makto.
  • Jake rallies other Na'vi clans to join them in the defense of the Tree of Souls.
  • The Battle for Pandora begins with the assaulting armada of gunships that fly into the chaotic mess of the Floating Mountains. This allows the Na'vi to surprise attack them who are lead by Jake as well as his fellow human friends.
  • The RDA are about to win both the land and air battle, until all the animals in the surrounding vicinity respond aggressively against the invading force of human machinery - the tide of the battle has turned.
  • Col. Miles Quaritch dies by the hands of Neytiri. The battle is over; leaving the Na'vi as victors in an impossible match against technology.
  • Most of the human population of Hell's Gate are forced off the moon while a few chosen by the Na'vi remain on Pandora.
  • Jake transfers his consciousness to his Avatar with success.
  • Introduction of Malborne Syndrome to Pandora - a human prion disease that came from Earth on the last ISV begins to evolve and adapt to its new environment after a infected corpse was buried. Soon it began to spread from the dead corpse to plant life before being transmitted into animals as they have consumed the plants themselves.
  • The year ends on a lighter note with many of the Na'vi clans who have fought in the battle now finding a greater peace amongst each other.


  • The remaining humans form a coalition with the Omaticaya clan thanks to Jakesully.
  • A new Hometree for the Omaticaya is found and relocation is complete by this point. The clan begins the long process of recreating their lost home.


  • The prion disease begins to mutate rapidly among the tapirus species, infecting dozens across the peninsula of the Tree of Souls.
  • The event is believed by a number of human scientists that the animals are dying from toxic contaminants found within the soil from leaked fuel of Scorpions and Samsons when they had crashed and burned. The toxic substances was found among a few of the tapirus within the blood stream - leading to believe that this was the cause.
  • This prompted a clean-up process with the aid of the Na'vi.


  • Although the efforts from both humans and Na'vi alike were made in hopes of culling the tapirus populations of the toxins from before, the animals still remain affected by the disease, its spread still continuing without much notice for the time being.
  • A time of relative quiet follows during this time period with only minor altercations occurring between the Na'vi and humans.



  • ISC Spirit of Nevada arrives unexpectedly - bringing forth many questions as to why a ISV had arrived to Pandora so early.
  • Quickly the ISV is discovered to be a new fleet of ISV's design to carry more equipment, personal, and supplies. They were designated as Interstellar Carrier or ISC's and were launched shortly after ISV Venture Star. Only one was made.
  • The Na'vi decide to meet the new incoming group of humans to decide and negotiate with them.
  • The Pandoran Accords begin:
    • Jakesully acts as the negotiator with the RDA; having the meeting just outside the wire of Hell's Gate.
    • The Na'vi ask of the RDA that mining of the old quarry has been put off due to the religious belief of Eywa.
    • They have also asked that they are not allowed to venture beyond the wire (defense line of Hell's Gate) with massive land-based vehicles.
    • The RDA are not allowed to attack the Na'vi as well as the Na'vi having no permission to attack the RDA as long as peace remains.
    • The RDA are allowed to defend themselves from aggressive animal behavior, as long as it is in self-defense.
    • The RDA are not allowed to build anymore outposts beyond the wire. Scientific sorties are allowed, but military reconnaissance is not.
    • The RDA are not allowed to fly military sorties, exception is scientific sorties or exploration sorties with no military reconaissance behind it.
    • Plans for further mining will not be tolerated.
  • Without much options and outnumbered 5 to 1, the RDA Administrator - Gavin Archer agrees to these requests by the Na'vi. A peaceful era begins.
  • The prion disease has jumped from one animal species to another. It continues to spread.
  • Tensions begin to rise within Hell's Gate as humans who have lived on Pandora for several years without the RDA presences soon leave to create a rebelling entity. An insurgency begins against the RDA.
  • Fearing that war might break out, Jakesully agrees to allow Amanti of the Tipani clan to help alleviate these tensions by talking with the Rebels who were known as the Insurgents.
  • RDA Admin Gavin Archer grows anxious at the fact that the demand for unobtanium is not being met. Plans for a covert mining operation goes underway.
  • The insurgents find friends among the Na'vi, hearing that the insurgents are willing to protect the Na'vi and their way of life. In trade off for this friendship, the Na'vi requested that they stop attacking the RDA - they agree.
  • Mining operations begin at night with few machines. Stress grows with Archer as he believes it won't be enough to meet the quota by cycles' end.
  • The disease begins to mutate and is soon spreading through plant life. Propagating quickly.
  • The RDA hears that the Na'vi had allied themselves with the insurgents and begins to send out raiding parties to seek these insurgents but are met with resistance against the Na'vi scouts' who have reported to their clans.
  • Jakesully meets with Gavin Archer again, warning that further military actions taken beyond the wire will be seen as an act of war. The Na'vi still do not have knowledge of the mining operations that are taking place at night.
  • An explosion at the quarry creates a problem as miners are trapped within the massive tunnels built within the quarry. A search and rescue attempt goes underway.
  • The Na'vi catch wind of this news through scouts, in response each clan sends out diplomatic agents to the RDA.
  • Gavin Archer lies to the Na'vi, telling them that the explosion was caused by a once-thought dud explosive while they were clearing the quarry of the equipment to be used in a recycling program.
  • The Na'vi do not believe him and are forced to have Na'vi warriors and scouts within the wire to keep a watchful eye on the RDA.
  • Tensions between the RDA and the insurgents continue with the RDA believing that they will attack soon. In a daring attempt, Gavin orders the capture of a single insurgent. Information is revealed that the insurgents rely on a archaic form of communication - morse code with radio waves.
  • A battle-ready squad is sent out deep with in the forest under the guise of a scientific sortie - a single samson that has been designated by the Na'vi as such. Setting up a trap just north of the Hallelujah Mountains, a message begins to play of distress.
  • The insurgents hear of the distress signal and deploys a small group to inspect what is going on. The group is lead by the insurgents' leader - Darren Stark who strongly believes this is an RDA trap.
  • The insurgents spring the trap, but with unexpected results as the SecOps squad has fully immobilize them non-lethally. The capture of Darren Stark is a success - unbeknownst to the RDA, Darren is the leader.
  • The Na'vi scout of the Tipani finds this squad and confronts with bows raised. To prevent bloodshed, a single soldier trades himself for Darren. The Tipani quickly takes the soldier outside of Hometree where the Tipani meet the leaders of the Omaticaya where they discuss the situation of the RDA's aggressive nature.
  • Darren is placed in the brig of Hell's Gate where he interrogated. The Na'vi soon decide that the best thing to do is to ask for the RDA to hand Darren back to the insurgents. However fear grows among the Na'vi that the RDA will be unwilling and war will break out.
  • Theo Garland - a former scientist with the RDA and now insurgent soon trades himself with Darren to keep the peace. The Tipani seeing this allow it, even releasing the prisoner back into RDA's hands as a sign of good gesture.
  • The RDA trades Garland's life for Darren. Garland is later interrogated.
  • Garland soon escapes from Hell's Gate from help of a SecOps officer. Making a daring escape into the forest, he is ultimately tracked down by a squad of SecOps soldiers where they kill the officer who helped him escape before him while Garland watches from several yards away. A Na'vi scouting party finds Garland and aids him in his escape as the RDA tries to clear up the mess.
  • At the same time the disease has finally reached the Na'vi populace within the Omaticaya - patient zero is an elder female of the clan who is believed to be ill with the common disease of its time.
  • The disease continues to spread within the Omaticaya clan. Fears begin to insue with that the RDA have been releasing biological weapons in the atmosphere. Jake contends that the problem is stemming elsewhere; from the fact that a few of the ikrans have passed away. Believing a viral disease is spreading.
  • At the same time, the Tipani clan also has its first patient. The disease at this point has mutated to infect the Na'vi through the bonding of their sickly animals or flora.
  • The Insurgents begin to run low on supplies and without a consistent supply run from Hell's Gate, they soon face a worrying problem that they might have to give up hiding and return. The leader - Darren Stark soon formulates a plan to hit Hell's Gate.
  • A raiding party takes place in the middle of the night with Darren Stark leading. However the RDA were ready for them and openly ambushes the insurgents. Killing Stark and several others in the ambush.
  • The Tipani soon cut ties with the insurgents, believing that what they did not hold their word and that simply asking them for supplies would have been sufficient.
  • With more dying in both tribes, it was only a matter of time before the Glades of The Elders slowly dies from the disease.
  • At this point, the RDA discover that one of their Avatar drivers contracted the disease, forcing scientists and doctors to take heed of this as a warning whilst research begins on the disease.


  • With many more dying, the Omaticaya and the Tipani begin to wrestle with the idea of leaving their Hometree's. Believing if they could escape the disease's grip that the disease itself will die off. However Jakesully believes that doing so will only delay the impending realilty of their deaths. In the end, Jake returns to Hell's Gate to ask for the RDA's help.
  • Administrator Gavin Archer listens and tells the Na'vi that they are trying to develop some sort of vaccine to hinder the disease.
  • What Gavin did not tell the Na'vi was that a vaccine was created shortly after the death of their chief doctor. This gives the RDA a weapon to use against the Na'vi.
  • The vaccine created to counter the lethalilty of the disease can only do so much, many of those who helped developed the vaccine do not believe it could save everyone. Only the strong and the young.
  • Seeing this, Gavin decides to meet with the Na'vi of both tribes in hopes of seeking a trade deal with them. The meeting takes place outside the wire of Hell's Gate.
  • Gavin asks of the Na'vi that the RDA will continue their mining operations without hinderance from either clans. That the RDA can operate outside the wire with military presences. And that the Na'vi will not have a hand in the business of the RDA. If the Na'vi agree, the vaccine will be distrbuted through-out the clans.
  • The scientists who researched the vaccine are appauled by what they hear and decide to have no hand in this black mail deal. Decidely choosing to give the Na'vi the vaccine anyways but are stopped by SecOps. All are placed under arrest and put in the brig.
  • The Na'vi refuse. Jakesully stands among the group - aggrevated by this deal - and calmly yet coldly orders Gavin to hand the vaccine over to his People.
  • A nervous trooper accidently opens fire, killing one Na'vi. The Na'vi quickly counterattacks, killing several of the SecOps guardsmen but the dispute is ended as Jake orders everyone to retreat back into the forest.
  • The Na'vi clans are now once again in a complicated situation. The Tipani rally for war, firing up the Omaticaya as well. Both clan leaders meet with the Insurgents to ask for them for help. Most agree with a few who do not wish to go to war. Theo Garland is one of them, citing that a full-frontal attack will spur the RDA to brutally slay all the Na'vi.
  • Hearing this, the Tipani bans Theo who at the time was training with the clan.
  • A rallying cry is heard and the Na'vi forces meet at the mouth of Hell's Gate. The RDA in response have already prepared defenses.
  • The first wave of Na'vi are of ikran riders of both clans who fight from above, before long the Na'vi are met with heavy resistances from the ground as well as the air.
  • Jakesully and Tipani clan leader Amanti make the charge of Hell's Gate with a frontal assault, rushing the gates they manage to make their way to the docks before being met with a central defense force of AMP's and ground troops.
  • Insurgent Theo Garland and a few others travel to Hell's Gate via samson to infiltrate from the rear flank to gain access to the base.
  • The RDA keeps up the pressure, scorpions and samson's have soon manage to keep the Ikran Makto force down. Garland and his team manage to get into Hell's Gate.
  • RDA Admin Gavin Archer soon despatches more troopers onto the docks to keep the Na'vi back.
  • Insurgents on the ground with the Na'vi take control of a excavator and manuever it to Operations Center.
  • Na'vi forces are forcing to retreat as SecOps is gaining momentum of pushing back the assault. Garland pushes through with his team until they are met with resistance from within. Two are killed and the rest are taken as prisoners of war.
  • Jakesully soon commands a group of Na'vi to follow him as the insurgents prepare to force the excavator straight into Ops Center. Neytiri and several others plan to also follow. Tipani members as well as several humans try to hold off the AMP squad from flanking Jake and the team.
  • Gavin Archer takes the prisoners and use them as hostages, killing one as the excavator got closer. A scorpion is shot out of the sky by the samson that Garland's team was on, causing the scorpion to spiral out of control and hit up against the Ops Center building.
  • Garland is about to be executed when the excavator raises its scoop up and smashes the exterior windows. The Pandoran atmosphere violently pools inside the Operations Center but gives Garland the opportunity to attack Gavin as the Na'vi storm into the Ops Center of the Admininstration Building.
  • The Tipani is forced to retreat as the AMPs manage to break through the line and head for the excavator. Others of the Omaticaya are holding the line along with some of the insurgents and their samson. Ikran riders prepare for an assault on the approaching SecOps.
  • The final assault leads to many more dead within Operations Center as Gavin is killed by a thrusting spear from one of the Tipani clansmen - nearly killing Theo in process. Emergency masks are applied as the Pandoran atmosphere fills the building.
  • The RDA surrenders and the Seige of Hell's Gate is finally over.
  • The Na'vi are given the vaccine, some are hopeful with many others are unsure if it will work.
  • When the vaccine helps many of the victims infected, the Na'vi return to rebuilding their lives. Jake appoints a scientist of the AVTR Program to be the current RDA Administrator - Dr. Catherine T. Harrison.
  • After the Malborne Crisis is over, the RDA turns to rebuilding itself as well. Many believe to focus on creating a mutual relationship with the Na'vi in hopes that one day the RDA will no longer become the problem of the Na'vi or all of Pandora.
  • The Insurgency is over and is soon disbanded with all the members returning to Hell's Gate, reintegrating back into the RDA personnel.
  • Repairs are made to Hell's Gate.
  • Both Na'vi clans begin to hunt down and kill the infected animals that cannot be cured.


  • Pandora grows closer to the Binary Star - Alpha Centauri A.
  • Radiation from the binary star gradually increases, alerting those at Hell's Gate about the issue.
  • Unobtanium reserves dwindles to one percent.
  • Dr. Catherine Harrison agrees to speak with both Jakesully and Amanti of the Omaticaya and Tipani clan's respectively on the discussion of mining Unobtanium.


  • Six months have passed since the Icarus Contingency incident and Dr. Catherine Harrison has temporarily stand down from her duties as Administrator of Hell's Gate. Currently, Jia Hawthorne is in command of the lone human colony.
  • The Omaticaya and the Tipani have forged a stronger relationship with the humans, a relationship that is continuing to grow thanks in part by Madison, Norm, Meredith, and Theo; Avatar Drivers who've have grown close with the Na'vi tribes.
  • ISV Altair Borealis arrives to Pandora.
  • Dr. Harrison, Jia Hawthorne and many others stand out on the docks and wait impatiently for the arrival of the Valkyrie's.
  • With the first wave of fresh new faces, Jia faces a difficult decision when one of the new comers is a RDA enforcer and overseer. Tensions are raised further by the arrival of a Na'vi entourage led by Jake.
  • Feeling obligated to take charge, Dr. Harrison intervenes between the RDA 'insurance policy' and Jia Hawthorne. This threatens an already fragile relationship between the two woman.
  • Soon there after, Jia and the group meets an unlikely pair of documentarians; Lorne and Tricia.
  • Jake feels that Jia could handle things from here on out and leaves Hell's Gate to relay the message to the Omaticaya and the Tipani.
  • Dr. Harrison waits for Jia to return from the second arrival of the Valkyrie at her office.
  • Upon the brief meeting, Harrison argues that it is her reponsibility that she take care of those in the colony when Temple had appeared unlisted on the roster of new employees.
  • A report comes from one of the assistant detailing an incident had occured with one of the Valkyries. The two women leave for Operations Center and discover that the Valkyrie was coming in for a crash landing.
  • After the brutal carnage of the crash, Jia and Catherine set out to detail the incident with the suvivors.
  • It turns out that micrometeriotes have struck the hull of the ISV and with it, the Valkyrie.
  • The plan is underway, known only as Operation Lodestar, volunteers and the chosen few spend 48 hours of training to adjust to weightlessness in space.
    • Within several weeks, the mission is given a green light and preperations are made. The launch time begins within twenty four hours.
    • Officially, Operation Lodestar begins with an accompany repair crew of roughly a dozen with three avatars in modified deep-sea suits.
    • Jake and the other Na'vi also make their way to Hell's Gate to supervise the situation for themselves.
    • The Valkyrie docks with the ISV. Two teams are split with the avatars conducting repairs on the outside while a crew of humans enter the inside of the vessel.
    • Upon immediate inspection, it is now known that the ISV suffered cautostrophic damage on its hull, resulting in several doubts about it's ability to be used again.
    • Team Leader Janek is murdered, currently no one knows what happened.
    • The avatar team outside manage to get the coils re-inserted back into the hull of the ISV to allow a jumpstart in the power.
    • The resulting jumpstart kicks the anti-matter engines into overdrive, causing a systematic failure and soon following a devestating explosion.
    • The explosion wipes out the entire human team within the ISV while flinging the avatar team out into space. All are rescued with several severe injuries.
    • An investigation is underway shortly after the operation's failure to repair the ISV.