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The Tipani Tribe
Tribal Information
Clan Name

Tipani (Spirit Mask)


Australis, Pandora


566 (Downarrow 282 deaths Uparrow 41 births — Since 2154)


Spiritual and War

The Tipani Clan is a Na'vi tribe that once lived and cherished highly in isolation from their neighboring clan, the Omaticaya. However, this perception and policy was ultimately changed with the arrival of Humans. Prior to this, the Tipani were seen as a clan who revolved around both war and spiritual guidance. Treasuring faith and believing in individual freedom, they were seen as a far cry from the more optimistic and peaceful clan of the north. In comparison, both clans share many similarities while at the same time more divided on certain issues.

Their leader is Amanti who is a strong willed woman, persisent in keeping her people safe from harm of the RDA.


Records surrounding the Tipani are all but known through song and paintings. Xenoarcheologist have yet to uncover any truth behind their existence and how they came to being except through song. Because of these obstacles of having been denied access to their Hometree, it has proven equally if not impossible to truly know how the Tipani have became the clan that they are today.

What little is known is that the clan were in fact the first peoples of the continent Australis. When nomadic tribes began trekking across the world, one such tribe settled north, creating an uneasy atmosphere between the two tribes. Eventually, this would lead to a war of territory that eventually ended on an shaky truce of peace.

Gradually over time, both tribes began to live in harmony of one another with several high points in the history of the Tipani that wished to 'push' the Omaticaya tribe further away from their own territory.

This is at least the gist of understanding through numerous songs that are sung within the tribal clan of the Tipani. As for the current history, the RDA had recorded much of their earnest relationship with the clan that they first encountered.

In 2135, humans encounter the clan during a routine exploration mission to search for resources in their neighboring valley which had led them to their first encounter with the Na'vi.