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UCP camo

Universonal Camouflage Pattern, also known as UCP, is a digital camouflage pattern used by the United States Army from 2004 to 2019, and since then used by various other countries on Earth. The pattern has beed adopted by the Resources Development Administration by some units of their military after 2154.


Avatar 2 UCP camo uniform RDA soldier on mech 1

A SecOps soldier operating a exoskeleton wears a uniform in the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP)

After the defeat in the battle for Pandora in 2154, resulting in the RDA being forcedx to leave Pandora. The RDA started to rapidly update their whole structure, aswell as military inventory - this included the personal gear and uniforms of the individual soldier, including the adoption of a new camouflage pattern to replace the ageing RDA Camouflage. There were lots of diffarent proposals, after some time of testing there was only three candidates left: MultiCam, UCP, aswell as a revised variant of the RDA camouflage that now resembled the patterns seen on mountain banshees, instead of the former 'pixels'. This variant ultimitely won the competition, however UCP and Multicam did see limited service by the RDA, before being phased out of service. UCP was also observed on some Matanza Arms weapons that were in limited use by the RDA, most notably the CARB sniper rifles.