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The AX-4 'ARGO' is a dedicated marksman rifle, designed to take down targets from a far distance, produced by Matanza Arms Corp, and later produced by the RDA localy on Pandora


The XA-4 ARGO was designed for the SecOps recon and marksmen units, which used a modified GS-221 to fit the long range role, so the RDA decided to design their own anti-infantry weapon that would be cabable of taki

AX-4 ARGO front

A low quality picture of a soldier of the FEBA recon unit firing the XA-4 ARGO

ng out targets at longer rabges then its predecessor. The XA-4 also has a bullpup configuration, however, the frame has a completely diffrent shape then the GS-221, that was used to fit it's role. The ARGO has a 16 round box-type magazine and the charging handle is located above the trigger guard and pistolgrip. The rifle also has a diffrent rifling in the barrel which increases accuracy and range. The buttstock of the XA-4 is longer at the top for a better comfort in use, and is rubber padded, The XA-4 ARGO is issued mainly to recon units.